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Archaeology, Anthropology, and Paleontology

Locally relevant

  • Arkhangai Excavations Explores the archaeology of the ancient nomadic cultures of the Mongolian steppe. The exavations seek to contribute to a fuller understanding of the history of Inner Asian nomadic cultures and their interactions with neighboring kingdoms beyond what is available in the written texts of settled cultures.
  • GolMod The French Mongolian Archaeological Expedition For the past ten years, the French Archaeological Expedition in Mongolia has focused on discovering the past of the Xiongnu. In a series of campaigns, the Expedition has gathered new clues that have helped redefine the outlines of a forgotten history.
  • Archaeology and Landscape in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia Self described as an inventory and research guide for understanding the cultural landscapes of the Altai mountains of mongolia and a resource dedicated to the investigation of ancient Altai cultures through a digital archive of monuments, interactive maps for analyzing the distribution of monument typologies, texts, images, and maps for understanding the region, its physical character, its cultural history, and the interrelationships of monuments and landscape
  • Mongolian Altai Inventory Image Collection The image collection presents approximately 1,500 images supporting the Archaeology and Landscape in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia website.

Archaeology and Anthropology


  • Paleontology Library at University of Iowa Images from the Paleontology Repository at the University of Iowa
  • Paleontology Portal Guide to paleontology with texts and images. Particularly aimed at beginners but with some other resources of interest.
  • Morphobank MorphoBank's most important innovation is that it is a web application for conducting phylogenetics or cladistics research on morphology. It enables teams of scientists who use anatomy to study the Tree of Life (phylogeny) to work over the web - in real time - and to do research they could not easily do using desktop programs alone.
* is regularly updated guide to OA work and projects in the field of Archaeology. Chuck Jones' blog at is also a good spot for OA current awareness in Archaeology and related fields.