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Health Sciences

  • eSkeletons provides an interactive environment in which to examine and learn about skeletal anatomy. The purpose of this site is to enable you to view the bones of both human and non-human primates and to gather information about them from our osteology database 
  • AgEcon Search AgEcon Search is a free-to-user Web site that contains the full text of working papers, conference papers and journal articles in applied economics, including the subtopics of agricultural, consumer, energy, environmental, and resource economics
  • Agricola AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access) serves as the catalog and index to the collections of the National Agricultural Library, as well as a primary public source for world-wide access to agricultural information
  • Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST)  finds regions of local similarity between sequences. The program compares nucleotide or protein sequences to sequence databases and calculates the statistical significance of matches. BLAST can be used to infer functional and evolutionary relationships between sequences as well as help identify members of gene families
  • AMA Atlas of the Human Body 
  • NIH Visible Human Project Guide to projects based on the Visible Human Project and applications for viewing VHP images
  • The Digital Anatomist Project Several interactive atlases of the human body from the University of Washington 
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