Large Indexes of Open Access Journals

  • DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) Open access, peer reviewed journals,encompasses Biomedcentral, Highwire, Bioline, and others
  • Worldwide Science Online A federation of national science portals where research results are made available by participating nations. Includes results from, the CERN document server, arXiv, and more. Not all peer-reviewed, not all OA.
  • Google Scholar Indexes both Open Access and Toll Access journals of a scholarly or sometimes not so scholarly nature. However, often pre- or post-print versions of subscription only articles can be found through Google Scholar.
  • PLOSone A single journal, albeit the world's largest, PLOS ONE features reports of original research from all disciplines within science and medicine. 
  •, a social website for academics and researchers, allows members to post their papers. A decent place for finding articles, a better place for finding scholars. Not all links to journals will be to OA versions.

OA Mongolian Journals

*Please also see the institutional repository page of this guide (where pre- and post-print versions of articles often appear) and the discipline specific resources pages here.