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Other Audio Collections

  • Open Culture Audio and Podcasts Guide A guide to collections of Audio Books, Language Lessons, Music, and Cultural Audio Resources maintained by
  • audio collections's huge collection of audio files of poetry, music, lectures, and community-sourced audio. Most available for download and streaming.
  • United States Library of Congress Jukebox A large collection of historical recordings from the US Library of Congress. Includes music, speeches, and more.
  • American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank Collection of Audio recordings of famous US speeches maintained by by Michael E. Eidenmullerat American Rhetoric
  • Historical Voices part of the Digital Library Initiative II funded in part by the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Historical Voices is one of the first fully functional, multi-media, interoperable digital libraries available online. The primary goals of each of these projects will be the development of a rich set of both online exhibits and educational curricula, utilizing audio files as a key component of these resources.